A tidy data approach for digital ledgers

Hits: 149 A tidy data approach for digital ledgers General Ledger journal entry Consider how to define tidy data for General Ledger journal entry. The following is a journal entry example for purchasing paper with cash. Table 1. General Ledger journal entry Date Line Description Debit (JPY) Credit (JPY) Account Number Account Name C N T ID 2009-04-03 用紙 paper 14,858 754 事務用消耗品費 Office consumables expenses 10 札幌 Sapporo 部門 Business unit 943-8-477 2009-04-03 742 191 仮払消費税等 Temporary payment consumption tax 10 札幌 Sapporo 部門 Business unit 943-8-477 2009-04-03 用紙 paper 15,600 111 現金 Cash 0 共通部門 Common department 部門 […]

PoC: e-Invoice and XBRL

Introducing Open Peppol simply add a new EDI to the existing EDI, and said, “It has become a” technical debt “with soaring maintenance and operating costs, and we cannot repay it. It is feared that DX’s obstacles of “not allocating funds and human resources to strategic IT investment (a hindrance to DX promotion)” (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) will remain.

Why Consider a Dimension Only Approach For XBRL GL – Part 2 –

Hits: 868Goal The current XBRL GL uses the element and the SRCD module (The Summary Reporting Contextual Data (SRCD) module) to define correspondences in order to aggregate detailed data into FR. In order to interpret this definition, it had to be processed by special software. It was verified that even in XBRL GL defined by the taxonomy of XBRL in a format that does not use tuples, it is possible to define the correspondence with FR using the formula link base of XBRL and aggregate detailed data. XBRL GL and SRCD formula linkbase with typed dimensions Conversion source XBRL GL […]

Proof-of-concept implementation trial of international standard data formats 4(XBRL 2.1 table linkbase)[in trial]

Hits: 799 Note: Currently under trial. It has not been resolved yet. Definition Specify the parent-child relationship based on the presentation linkbase in Breakdown on the Y axis. We are currently studying how to define the X-axis. In CSV files etc., the dI would like to be able to define one-dimensional based on table links.efinition of 2 dimensions is not necessary, only the definition of 1 dimension (heading column) has meaning, and the table is defined by repeating records. Note: The files can be found at GitHub. Execution result Altova XML Spy X axis does not expand well. Although the presentation […]

Proof-of-concept implementation trial of international standard data formats 2(XBRL 2.1 instance document)

Implement definition linkbase (requires-element) relationship using typed dimension accountingEntries – entryHeader – entryDetail In XBRL GL, an instance document is defined in a nested structure of ComplexContent without using Context. By setting the maximum number of repetitions of child elements, multiple entryHeaders are expressed under accountingEntries, and multiple entryDetails are expressed under entryHeader. Arbitrary repetition is possible. When disassembling this, the problem is how to express the relationship between accountingEntries and entryHeader and the relationship between entryHeader and entryDetail.